Interjections have no grammatical meaning, but they help us express our emotions both in writing and speaking. In this post, we would like to give you some more examples of interjections and their meaning.

Here's is my common list of sounds to express emotions:

1. OOPS - you use it when you do something clumsy, like dropping something or tripping over something

Oops, I didn't mean to do that!

2. AWW - you use it for sentimental approval, it means that something you see or read is sweet.

Aww, just look at that couple, aren't they sweet?

3. EWW (ugh, ewww) means 'disgusting'. You use it when something you see (smell, touch, etc.) is nasty and you are not enjoying it.

Eww, this cheese is disgusting. Just smell it!

4. OH literally means "I see". You use it when you realize or understand something.

Oh, now I see.

5. SHH (hush, shush) is used when you want someone to be quiet.

Shh! The baby is sleeping.

6. YUCK (ich, blech, bleh) is another "disgusting" sound. When kids don't like some food, they say:

Yuck! I hate broccoli!

7. NUH-UH means "No". You can hear it a lot among kids or teenagers when they tease each other.

- My shoes look cool!

- Nuh-uh, I don't think so!

8. PHEW is a sound that you pronounce when something bad or unpleasant almost happened, it was so close! It's a sound of relief.

Phew! That car was really close! We could bump into it!

9. MEH is a sound of indifference, it means you don't really care about it.

- Do you feel like watching the Super Bowl tonight?


10. WHOA was once used as a sound for stopping horses, but now we use it to say "Hold on".

Whoa! Take it easy, man!

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