Foreign Education Evaluation: What You Need to Know

For many students around the world, the chance to further their studies in the United States of America (USA) is their dream. The country has outstanding tertiary education opportunities, and a degree from one of them can set a graduate apart from the rest of the pack during the job application process.

However, prior to starting on their American education odyssey, international students must have their education qualifications evaluated. Because students are applying from all over the world, there needs to be a standard or benchmark by which foreign education qualifications or credentials are evaluated and assessed. Education systems around the world differ, and a student applying to study in America must have the necessary minimum education prerequisites. If the student does not, their tertiary studies in the US are going to be extremely difficult.

Should you be planning to study in America, you will need to submit your qualifications and education transcripts to one of two organizations. They are the Association of International Evaluators (AICE) and the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). These are the only two institutions the United States’ State Department recognizes, and their evaluation is a necessary step for your entry into the US to study. Both institutions offer two services:

A document-by-document evaluation is suitable for people applying to live or work in the US. Your qualifications are verified during the process.

A course-by-course evaluation is your best bet if you’re applying to study in America or if you want to obtain a professional license using your foreign qualifications. Not only are your qualifications verified during a course-by-course evaluation, but each course, its subjects, your grades, and credit hours are factored into the evaluation. The resulting report gives an overall description of the quality of the qualification as well as your academic performance.

Regardless of which evaluation you apply for, you need to submit original documents and certified copies that are used during the evaluation process. While it might seem to be a tedious undertaking, the evaluation is necessary and another step toward reaching your goal of studying in the US.

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